10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids  BRIDESMAID DRESSES
10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids. How should it be and where should it be withdrawn? Which poses should be given? What should be considered?

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids. photos would not be the same without the complicity of those special friends known as . Go ahead and dare to be part of one of these proposals that we present below.

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids
and Bridesmaid

Although many will take photographs from their mobiles, they will not always have the plan or the composition or the appropriate light that will make them matchless, especially when it comes to those magical seconds that will not return, as during your entry to the church with your wedding dress, the exchange of wedding rings or the first cut of the wedding cake. We assure you that with the help of a good photographer these memories will always remain, so do not think about it anymore and start coordinating each of the photographs, taking into account the fun and emotional moments in 10 captive photos with your bridesmaids.

Under the lens of experts

The photographers consulted say that the most used places for the photo shoot with the bride and bridesmaids is usually the room of a hotel or a house. They take several moments to capture all the emotions that arise when the bride and the ladies are getting ready or after when they are ready to go to the ceremony.

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“I understand the bridesmaids are the closest sisters and friends of the bride, so I try to capture that previous moment they are living before the wedding. There is usually a lot of spontaneity in this. I motivate and ideas come out among themselves. The goal is to capture this joy, expectation, previous emotion between the bride and her friends. I take into account several moments: an environment where bridesmaids try on their dresses and the bride looks at them smiling, then the ladies can help to the bride to close the closure of her dress, then a photo next to the bride raising the bouquets. Sometimes I have had a mirror at hand and all the girls hold it and the bride is reflected, ”explains photographer.

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids
Bride and Dark

1. Bubbles to celebrate

Before or after changing the robe for your simple wedding dress, you and your friends will joke and toast for your new life with a few glasses of champagne, wine or cocktail. Or do you prefer that the expert capture the moment when you uncork the bottle of champagne in this photo with your bridesmaids?

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

2. All for one

Imagine smiling at your bridesmaids while each one with her cell phone tries to capture your best angle. Without a doubt, it will be a lot of fun during and after, when you see the final result delivered by your photographer.

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids
Bride and Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

3. Big girls game

Jumping in your bed, on a trampoline or playing rope were some fun childhood experiences that don’t have to be forgotten. And now that you are about to get married, take advantage of your single minutes and have fun with your bridesmaids before making your 2019 wedding hairstyle.

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10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

4. The bride in the mirror

Do you remember that wrought mirror that you liked so much? Why not use it as part of the setting for this photograph? You just have to follow your photographer’s instructions so that you are perfectly reflected and that your bridesmaids smile from a comfortable position to the bride in the mirror.

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids
Bride and Bridesmaids

5. When did you meet?

There is nothing like having the presence of the people who marked our lives filling it with unmatched moments on such an important day. So that it always lasts, not only in your memory, but also in your photographs, ask your bridesmaids to place on a small blackboard the place where they met and pose for this photo of the memory.

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

6. The pint is not the least

Just as you will have photographs of the time of makeup and the preparation of the collected hairstyle, your friends could also have a group photograph of this moment of preparation in front of the mirror, before putting on their long party dresses.

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids
Rose Bridesmaid Dresses and Bride

7. Change of perspective

Would you cheer for a photo from the bottom up where you appear hugged and smiling with your bridesmaids ?, or a top down with your friends holding the edge of the skirt of your wedding dress with lace as if it were treated of a sunflower?

8. Accessories of the moment

Sunglasses, bracelets with the same flower of your bouquet of natural flowers or their wallets will be accessories that will help enrich the moment and give a more fun and elegant touch to this photo shoot.

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids
Bride and Pink Bridesmaid Dresses
10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

9. Rain of bouquets

Why not ask your bridesmaids to throw their bouquets so that this rain of flowers is portrayed? It is only a matter of defining the place (garden, beach, room) for your photographer to capture their expressions and emotions. Who said the bride could not jump to reach one of the bouquets?

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10. Road to happiness

A few steps before or after leaving your home, your bridesmaids will be located on both sides and you will walk through the center wearing your best smile and remembering how important it is for you that they share that day with you.

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids
Bride and Light Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

In our provider portal and in the bridal community you will find many more creative ideas to have an unsurpassed photo shoot with your bridesmaids. If photos will be taken at the reception room, do not forget to include the decoration for marriage and do not forget to capture the expression of the faces of single ladies who hope to catch your wedding bouquet.

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

10 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

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