5 Original Accessories to Complement the Groomsmen Suit

5 Original Accessories to Complement the Groomsmen Suit  BRIDESMAID DRESSES
5 Original Accessories to Complement the Groomsmen Suit. We present the most beautiful groomsman accessories. You will able to shine like a sun at the wedding.

5 Original Accessories to Complement the Suit. have a big and important role on this day. And as they will be accompanying the couple in the most special moments, nothing better than thinking of all the elements so that their costume is as special as the protagonist’s

It may be that men do not always realize how important accessories are, and women think much more about combining the other elements with their looks, for example. But this goes for everyday life, when most women are more detailed about their image, and are even more careful when matching the accessories to their party . But on the day, both grooms and groomsmen and go in search of the ideal complements, and the friends who will be groomsmen get more priority when it comes to the details of the they will wear on the altar.

It is true that all accessories will look more important as the eyes will be on the wedding hairstyle to the shoes of those who pass the aisle. So if you have sent special wedding invitations for some good friends to attend as groomsmen of this day, you probably want them to look flawless and still bring some of your own identity to the look. Not to be mistaken, but still keep your style quite marked, here are some elements that you can include in these men’s costumes.

5 Original Accessories to Complement the Groomsmen Suit
Black Groomsmen Suits

1. Printed Socks

Nowadays the big trend is to combine the patterned socks with more sophisticated looks, like the ones that will be worn by the couple. Choose a theme that has to do with the whole binding and do not forget to think of the harmony of the colors of the pattern with the rest of the elements. For the couple, this combination is easy, after all you are used to making all the decisions, from wedding flowers to choosing the elements that make up the wedding party decoration according to the color palette. But the groomsmen may forget these details that are responsible for making the correct connection of all the elements of the clothing. If you want something less flashy, opt for dark print socks, they impact more discreetly.

5 Original Accessories to Complement the Groomsmen Suit
Grey Groomsmen Suits

2. Sunglasses

This accessory is very versatile and each model can say a lot about the person wearing it. And if the ceremony where the and will exchange their vows with short phrases of love will be in the late afternoon, the glasses, as well as marking the style of the groomsmen, will also be very helpful. The colorful stems and frames are perfect for more laid-back events, such as beach parties, and match men who don’t follow the classic line as much. Blacks are basic and discreet but, depending on your model, can quite define the style, and the rest should follow the same line, sporty, classic or stripped. Metal frames should be used with care not to overload the look.

5 Original Accessories to Complement the Groomsmen Suit
Gray and Blue Tie Groomsmen Suits

5 Original Accessories to Complement the Groomsmen Suit

3. Sneakers

Some grooms have already embraced this touch of informality on their C-day (and some women even harmonize it with their wedding dress model!). The double suit and sneakers is always a bold combination that reflects a cool and more relaxed side of the person who dares to wear them. If you as grooms believe that groomsmen may be the counterpoint between the formality of a bond and the couple’s personal style, then this is sure to be the right choice! They may suggest a uniform color, or invest in a sneaker model for everyone, as is the case with the classic all star.

5 Original Accessories to Complement the Groomsmen Suit
Converse Shoes

4. The scarf in the jacket

The handkerchief in his jacket pocket is a small detail for flawless groomsmen who think of the look from start to finish. Most grooms opt for a boutonnière, which follows the bride’s branch line, matching the bouquet of country flowers or a classic. And the friends who accompany the couple on this important day should also fill the pocket of their shirt or jacket with an element that carries the essence of the celebration’s style. There are many prints and colors that can bring the finishing touch to the godfather’s look, perhaps combining with the stylish sock or tie. Most men prefer silk to the scarf, but nothing prevents you from choosing other material for your friends.

5 Original Accessories to Complement the Groomsmen Suit
Black and Turquise Tie Groomsmen Suit

5. Watch, rings, necklaces or bracelets

Most men wear a watch in their daily lives. And why not include it in the godparents look? For the big day C choose a model with touches that are more sophisticated or that goes beyond the standards, so that they really get noticed, with vibrant colors or very sporty. If the proposal is to mix the “tidy with the stripped down” and the event allows this trend, then don’t be afraid to suggest something like that to everyone.

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And the same goes for jewelry. The idea that rings, necklaces or bracelets are for women’s exclusive use is long past. Even more so today, where the gender demystification of clothing types and accessories is increasingly strong. Men’s rings with large rough stones bring a lot of style to the look, and it is recommended that they be large rings and dark colored stones. Opt for a maximum of two rings. The bracelets are very versatile and can be of different materials, depending on the personal style of the groomsmen.

5 Original Accessories to Complement the Groomsmen Suit
Bow Tie Clock and Boutonniere

Prepared and purposeful-looking for friends who will be by your side when the wedding music plays to kick off the party? They will see from the cabin the most exciting moments of “yes”, will be at the altar with you, and deserve to have the look well thought out. You’ve spent a lot of time choosing the perfect attire and flawless wedding dress, so be careful to choose items that have to do with the ceremony and your friends, and of course, try to consult each one of them to see if they are in line with the your selection.

5 Original Accessories to Complement the Groomsmen Suit

5 Original Accessories to Complement the Groomsmen Suit

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