Bridesmaids should be dressed the same?

Bridesmaids should be dressed the same?  BRIDESMAID DRESSES
Bridesmaids should be dressed the same? We explained what the bridesmaid's functions are, what they do or whether they should be dressed the same way.

Bridesmaids should be dressed the same? More and more brides are considering wearing at their , but they find doubts as to what their function is, what they do or if they have to be dressed the same. This post series aims to help you solve those doubts so you can enjoy this beautiful experience with your girls.

In the previous post we talked about who can be a bridesmaid at your wedding and, as we saw, there is no age or kinship limit. What often increases the differences between some girls and others. So I can tell you that almost the biggest complication of having bridesmaids is the theme of styling, so we will dedicate an entire post to solve the most common doubts and talk about it. I hope it helps you!


Should they be dressed the same?

Well, as I always say: this, like everything at weddings, goes to taste. If they should be dressed the same or not is something you should decide with them.

I explain: If you are considering taking them, I imagine that you are thinking of opening your courtship, that they go in front of you on the way to the altar … To be a wedding in Spain, it will be shocking that you wear bridesmaids, so Your big challenge is that it is elegant, majestic. That awakes that murmur among the guests that you know is because something surprises them to “Ohh! It seems out of a movie. ” So if you are clear that you want that and you are still doubting that they are dressed each in their own way. Come back to reality.

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Rewind and imagine that same entrance with the ladies dressed like any other guest. People waiting for you to arrive and 5 girls walking in front of you towards the altar … The “Ohh!” Is going to be rather “Eeehmm … who are they? What do they do? They don’t let me see the … ”I think you don’t want that either for them, or for you.

So it is clear: for me the bridesmaids should be dressed the same. They are the bride’s entourage, they are her girls, her escort, her army of angels. And they must open the way to the bride with harmony and elegance. And that is achieved dressed the same.

Ok, dressed the same, but how?

First of all: count on them. Do not go to plant the first thing you can think of and let’s end up arguing. We don’t want bad times with our ladies. You know them, think about styles of that can fit everyone’s taste and that is also within the style that you are going to wear (if you are going to go boho, it will not hit that they go ultraclassical or vice versa). If you do not decide, I give you my advice: in general, the sure success for bridesmaids’ are simple and elegant, with a lot of fall and light fabrics. But, as I tell you, they should go according to the style of the wedding and yours.

When you see different dresses that you like for them, plant the ideas you have thought of. If they get to a dress with which everyone is delighted and you see them beautiful Bravo! You’ve got the hardest! (If you still see it complicated, read on. Let’s see if I can help you =))

Bridesmaids should be dressed the same?

Finding “The Dress” for your bridesmaids is not easy. We all know that the most common is that among your friends there are different sizes and that this can make it very difficult to find a dress with which everyone feels comfortable. But for this there are two very good solutions:

Choose a fabric and make dresses with different patterns (even in two or three different shades), respect the type of fabric and the same length of dress for all. And it will be just as elegant as if the dress were the same. There are stores that offer dresses like this and can make your job much easier.

If there is a difference in size between your girls and each one has a different style, choose a fabric for all and design the dresses tailored for each girl respecting the same length of the skirt.

Bridesmaids should be dressed the same?

It is also very good for bridesmaids the same dress in different shades. And the other option. Be attentive because I am going to talk to you about something you will love, transformable dresses!

These bridesmaids have very different sizes and have opted for transformable dresses to adapt them to your taste easily.

Transformable dresses are very easy to handle. You need the same technique as to know how to wear a sarong and you can make lots of different combinations.

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Bridesmaids should be dressed the same?

These are some of the many ways in which you can put the same dress. Choose the option you choose, if you want to achieve that elegant retinue effect that ladies give, remember: keep harmony. Respect the same length of the skirt in all of them, with the same colors and fabrics and you will get the result you are looking for.

-With bouquet or without bouquet?

You know: As you like it more.

I like bridesmaids with a bouquet. One that is within the line of the bridal bouquet, but a little smaller. Even a bouquet of a single type of flower, a lonely flower … There are different options.

In this case the bridesmaids wear the dresses in a lavender tone and the bouquets are lavender.

Bridesmaids should be dressed the same?

Bridesmaids should be dressed the same?

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