Dream dresses for wedding guest

For the most beautiful day in your life…

The planning for the upcoming wedding season is in full swing and while the bride has hopefully already found the right wedding dress for her dream wedding in 2019, the search for the wedding guests is now really starting.

Dream dresses for wedding guest

What do I wear as a wedding guest?  

Short or long? Colourful or discreet? And which No-Gos does the wedding dress code include? The latter question can be answered quickly: White dresses are in most cases still a fashion faux pas for wedding guests – unless the bride expressly agrees. Black cocktail dresses, on the other hand, are now absolutely salonable (if you’re unsure, it’s best to ask the bride beforehand).

With these Fashion To-Do’s nothing can go wrong

Generally applies: Gladly noticeable, but please not at any price. Colourful dresses or strong flower patterns are great for weddings, too deep necklines or too short skirt hems are not. In the evenings, floor-length dresses are also a good choice for very festive celebrations, during the day in the church or at the registry office in any case the classically cut sheath dress. Depending on the type of figure you should pay attention to the correct dress length. The right shoes round off the perfect look: With kitten heels matching the colour of the dress you don’t do anything wrong. Who likes it covered, reaches for black or nude High Heels. If the sky is full of clouds on your wedding day, an elegant cardigan will keep you warm.

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Dream dresses for wedding guest

The 2019 wedding season may come

In our gallery we have put together a large selection of beautiful dresses for wedding guests. Now all you have to do is say “yes”!