How To Dresses The Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

How To Dresses The Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen  BRIDESMAID DRESSES

How To Dresses The Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen. The small protagonists must also be well dressed, after all they will announce that the is coming. Check out the tips and ideas we’ve selected so you can get them in harmony with your ceremony.

As important as any other detail, bridemaids and bridemaids clothing deserve special attention. They are the “wings” of the ceremony and must be dressed in character so that they can complement the style of the . It is always the bride who defines how she wants the costumes of the little ones, so take the time to choose “by hand”.

Wedding style

It is the style of the wedding that will define any costume. They must be according to the type of ceremony, the time and the season. The most important thing to avoid making mistakes is not to forget that they are children and should be dressed according to their ages and limitations. Mothers should always be consulted, before any definition will avoid problems.

Junior Bridesmaid Suit

Always in harmony with the wedding , but not the same. If you are more than one lady, the ideal is that the are identical so as not to pollute with too much information. For day weddings prefer lighter and duller fabrics. Exit with little volume and up to the height of the shin, to facilitate the walk to the altar. Light colors such as white, pearl or very soft pastels are best suited. At night weddings a slight shine or delicate embroidery following the same colors mentioned.

How To Dresses The Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen
Pink Junior


They may have the costume similar to the groom’s, but in a children’s version. For daytime weddings the pants can be short without a tie in light shades such as beige or light blue. Evening and more formal weddings with dark pantsuit and long pants.

How To Dresses The Junior Bridesmaid and


No heels and very comfortable. Sneakers, dolls or flat shoes are the most suitable. It can be lined with the same fabric as the dress or have a little detail in more formal weddings. White, beige or, if the dress is colored, the shoe may be the same shade.

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Sneakers is the best option, try to avoid social shoes even in more formal weddings. Always in keeping with the attire and above all that is very comfortable.

How To Dresses The Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen
and Black Suit Junior Groomsmen


It may have a sash or waist detail with the base color of the wedding. Tiara or flowers in her hair, always bearing in mind that the arrangement should be light and not bother her. Earrings and other delicate accessories. A small bouquet or purse can complement the outfit.

Suit Accessories

Normal tie or butterfly, in suit tone. Suspender if not in jacket or coat. Waist band for more formal weddings. Beret if the style is more retro.

How To Dresses The Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

How To Dresses The Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

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Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Dresses

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