Junior Bridesmaids

Junior Bridesmaids  BRIDESMAID DRESSES
What are the tasks of Junior Bridesmaids? What he does. What to do. You will find answers to all these questions.

Junior Bridesmaids Legend has it that in ancient Rome the spouses went up to the altar accompanied by similarly dressed couples of the same age to prevent the evil spirits from recognizing them and cursing their union.

Junior Bridesmaids
Pink Junior

It can be said that these were the bridesmaids and pages of the time, and that their functions have now changed a little. In addition to carrying the rings and accompanying the to the altar, and honor and pages are chosen people to bring love and joy to the ceremony.

It doesn’t matter if they are children, adults, girls or boys. Grooms elect these characters according to their affinity, and there is no rule or age limit at this time. Of course, if they are children, greater care should be taken. A three- or four-year-old girl may hang when she sees the crowded church and give up her job at the last moment, for example. Kids are unpredictable.

Junior Bridesmaids
White Junior Bridesmaid

It is precisely this feature that makes a ceremony where little girls and little pages are involved more fun and surprising. You will never be able to guess what reaction they will have when accompanying the bride. If you deal well with “unforeseen” do not worry about inviting little ones to help you. Talk to them first, and explain everything that will happen on the big day, what they should do. It’s worth rehearsing once, twice, three times. Children this age learn things by repetition.

If you invite boys and girls from 7 to 12 years, the concern decreases. They already have a little more sense of things at this age. When choosing the costume, go according to age range. Despite being old-fashioned to this day, many women still wear their white ladies’ dresses, taking away from the bride’s exclusivity in wearing this color. You can also them in pastel shades and small colorful details that match the decor of the party.

Junior Bridesmaids
Pink Junior Bridesmaid Dresses and Black Suit


The pages usually wear similar clothes to the groom. It is delicate to offer to pay for boys and girls costumes if parents have little purchasing power. In the case of bridesmaids and older pages, it is common sense whether or not to pay. If you are accompanied by an older lady at the , choose a dress that goes far from white for her. In such circumstances, the color must be unique to the bride.

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Did you invite more than one girl for the occasion? You don’t necessarily have to wear them with the same clothes, but choose models that talk to each other. If they are children of varying ages, choose the models according to age group. A preteen will want to wear something more modern than a 7-year-old girl, for example. Make everyone comfortable and the timing of the ceremony will flow better.

Decide everything according to your style without feeling obliged to follow fads. In 2001, Kate Midletton, current Duchess Catherine, used her sister Pippa as bridesmaid when marrying Prince Willian. Detail that Pippa was also wearing a beautiful white dress, made by designer Alexander McQueen. White took over the scene, and the wedding was beautiful just the same.

Junior Bridesmaids
White Junior Flower Girl Bridesmaid Dresses

Junior Bridesmaids It is more common to choose single girls to play the role of bridesmaid. Thus, when they walk toward the altar, they can be discovered by their future princes. The proposal is interesting, but if you have a great friend or sister who is already married and want to invite her to the role, why not? Marriage is yours, and you must make the major decisions without worrying about traditions or what others will think.

Junior Bridesmaids

Junior Bridesmaids
Junior Bridesmaids

Junior Bridesmaids

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