Tips for Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Tips for Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen  BRIDESMAID DRESSES
Tips for Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen. Which dresses should be preferred? Which color and fabric clothes can be dazzling. What does junior bridesmaid do?

Tips for Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen. Children bring grace to the ceremony and are one of the highlights of the party. But remember that the duration of the event and the number of people can influence your performance. Know how to handle children’s time so as not to create blockages.

Tips for Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen
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You envisioned this moment when a song begins announcing the entrance of the grooms procession. First the , then the groom and finally the page and daminha open the way for the to come in with her beautiful dress accompanied by an impeccable bouquet of flowers, veil and wreath.

It may seem easy and simple, but many grooms are surprised to find scared pages and pages when wedding day finally arrives. If you have already sent the wedding invitation to these little ones to be part of the ceremony in a special way, they must be prepared for the unforeseen and eventual mood swings, after all, they are children. Check out precious tips for dealing with these special little helpers.


It all starts well before wedding day. To be reassured and confident that they will fulfill their “mission,” as expected, they need to prepare for it. This is nothing more than doing rehearsals at the place where they will perform the ceremony, with every step, so that they understand exactly what they should do.

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Also, try to explain in these essays the reason for their entry, the importance of doing it exactly the way you train and how important to you. And the bottom line: Reassure them, making it clear that it’s okay if they stumble, for example. It is important that they have security even to make mistakes.

Tips for Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Taking something family

When choosing very young children, remember that they can be frightened of the crowd, and to help you can let them take along something that always accompanies them, that makes them feel safer, like some toy, stuffed animal, pacifier , handkerchief, etc. This is not the time to ask them to put aside any of these habits. When the wedding entrance music plays it is best to feel comfortable to follow.


If the couple still feel unsure about what might happen on this walk to the altar, especially since they know them and know that they may feel frightened for this task on their own, consider entering pages and girls in twos or threes. And for each pair, send the wedding invitation templates to those who know they already know each other (because of the proximity of their parents, for example), as one will be the ideal companion for the other if they feel nervous at the moment. With a friend by your side, it will be much easier if you are distracted and take on this task more naturally.

Family with the music

Another technique to help them feel safe is to choose a song they are familiar with. The musical memory of the children is very strong, and you, by putting together the list of songs for the wedding party, found yourself remembering the past, probably! So enjoy this and pick a song they love to be the soundtrack to their entrance, something that will make it all the more exciting for the little ones, as if they were participating in a real movie!

Tips for Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen. When organizing a party like this it is important to think that many things can happen and not everything will always be as imagined. It can be a surprise with wedding favors that are not ready in time, wedding flowers that will not stand the hot weather, or flowers and pages that can be unpredictable.But the important thing is to keep calm to find the solutions and live this day very lightly!

Tips for Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Tips for Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen
Tips for Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Tips for Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Tips for Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

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