Tips & Tricks for Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

Tips & Tricks for Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Dresses  BRIDESMAID DRESSES
The same bridesmaid dress for everyone, different cuts, but one look, What color should the bridesmaids’ dresses be? The length of the bridesmaids dresses?

Bridesmaid choose the right?

Wonderful, as a you can decide everything about the – even which bridesmaid your best friends wear. A great and difficult task at the same time, after all your girls should all feel comfortable in their bridesmaid . We are here to help you choose the perfect bridesmaid dresses and have put together some tips and tricks.

1. The same bridesmaid dress for everyone

For a particularly uniform appearance it is of course ideal, your wear an identical dress. It’s best to choose your dresses together, where you can set the direction so that it matches your wedding dress.

2. Bridesmaids dresses: Different cuts, but one look

Tips & Tricks for Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Dresses
Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

The easier way to find clothes for your bridesmaids: As a bride, you set some basic criteria for color, length, style (e.g. or wrap dress) and your girls choose their own bridesmaids dresses. Depending on how you agree it, each bridesmaid may choose her own model, as long as it’s agreed with the others. Of course, you are welcome to join us for a shopping day so that you can advise each other on the choice of bridesmaids’ dresses. This also has the advantage that you can find inexpensive bridesmaids dresses that don’t need to be made especially for you. Also a nice possibility: You and the bridesmaids collect some photos of great dresses from magazines and on the internet and you look together, which style would result in a harmonious overall picture.

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3. What color should the bridesmaids’ dresses be?

Tips & Tricks for Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Dresses
Bridesmaid Dresses

Apart from white and black, any color is allowed. Popular colours for bridesmaid dresses are , blue, yellow, green, purple or elegant grey. Basically they can be pastel shades. Delicate, pastel, discreet colours are trendy and fashionable. But the most important thing is that it suits your party and wedding motto. You can orientate yourself on your wedding colours, possible spots of colour in your dress or on the bridal bouquet. It is also possible to give your bridesmaids a colour family for the dresses. So your girlfriend can wear a yellow dress or a light orange dress. A good compromise to make all girls happy: Choose the dresses in the same colour, but with different cuts and fabric. So it’s easier for everyone to find something for their figure type.

4. The length of the bridesmaids dresses

A long, flowing robe, knee-length or a cheeky, short dress? The length of the dresses for the bridesmaids should initially be about the same. A beautiful contrast to the Bridesmaid Drasses is achieved by making the bridesmaids’ dresses short when you wear a and vice versa.

5. Shoes, Bag and Accessories

Tips & Tricks for Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

Of course, besides the bridesmaid dresses, all other accessories should also go well with you and the overall outfit. So talk about details like shoes and bags from at least color and style are better uniform or maybe even identical. If the bridesmaids wear the same hair ornaments, nail polish or a similar neckerchief, this adds a festive touch.

6. Where you can best buy Bridesmaid Drasses?

Boutiques, bridal fashion shops or department stores often also offer bridesmaids’ dresses or matching evening dresses.

7. Who pays for the bridesmaids dresses?

Tips & Tricks for Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

The more you specify and the less “suitable for everyday use” the clothes are, the more you should participate financially in the bridesmaid dress. If a certain dress is “mandatory”, it should not be too expensive or you give a larger subsidy. The price should be affordable for all. If the motto is “a casual purple dress”, it can also be justified to let the bridesmaids pay for it themselves.

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Then you could plan the matching bags as a small gift. The shoes are paid for by the bridesmaids, if they are shoes that they can wear later with other outfits. In general, it’s best to talk about who pays what from the start. So there will be no disappointments or disputes afterwards.

8. Styling on the wedding day?

From breakfast to arrival at the church or registry office, the wedding day belongs to you and the girls. So you can create a great community feeling among the bridesmaids right from the start, especially if they don’t know each other so well yet. It’s a nice gesture if you commission them and take care of everyone. After all, your friends want to look perfect on your special day.

Tips & Tricks for Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

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