Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding Guest Dresses  WEDDING GUEST DRESSES

Wedding Guest Dresses. hours can tell you a lot about your clothes. Attention in code for day weddings and rock the guest look.

Wedding Guest Dresses
Blue Yellow Pink and Rose

For those who have never heard of it, dress code is the dress code for a particular occasion, an English version of the type of dress that should be worn at the party. The order (from informal to more formal) of the most commonly used dress codes is;

Wedding Guest

  • Sport
  • Tour or Fine Sport
  • Formal Ride
  • Cocktail Dress
  • Black Tie
  • Gala

If you were invited to a day wedding, choose the Fine Sport or Formal Ride and be sure to hit the chosen model for the occasion.

Happy colors and flowery prints are the best option:

Wedding Guest Dresses
Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses and White


Dresses up to the knee or midi length are perfect for the occasion;

Models with discreet accessories and lightweight fabrics is another good tip;

It is worth remembering the tips on whether you are invited or have a more important role in the wedding, such as that of bridesmaid. In this case, the dress code can allow some changes, inside of what we already commented in another article.

Wedding Guest Dresses
Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding Guest Dresses

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