What should Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen do?

What should Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen do?  FLOWER GIRL DRESSES
What should Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen do? Which color and fabric clothes can be dazzling. What does junior bridesmaid do?

What should Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen do? Enjoy the kids in the family and give them a useful role. In addition to bringing beauty and cuteness to your celebration, they can help a lot in the details of the ceremony, we will explain everything to you.

What should Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen do?
Junior Bridesmaid

There may have been born of your desire to enter the church in your wedding dress, veil and wreath: when, for the first time, you were the bridesmaid. But until it’s time to organize this party, many specifications that encompass the bridal world are only known in the preparation of the event. Maybe you had never stopped to think about the details of wedding party packaging, or spent hours researching what to write on the wedding invitation. And when the time comes to choose the girls and pages, do you know everything you should know about this task? Not only are the and who sigh as they enter the ceremony, the and pages are also responsible for thrilling the . There are those who escape the traditional and there are those who prefer to stick to the protocol, but the truth is that at this point what matters is to give the meaning you want for this part of the ceremony. Check out the function of the girls and pages and know how to organize your entry.

Who to choose

Anything goes; nephews, children, children of friends, godchildren, etc. But take into account the degree of intimacy, as you must be sure that they will not give up on time and will follow up with the deal. Be sure to explain to the children that this is a very special day and time for you. Be warned that there will be a lot of people and photographers so that they do not “lock up” at the entrance. As for age, there is no rule, girls and pages can be any age. Just keep in mind that they will enter a crowded church with a beautiful (mini) model of party dress or small men’s attire, and this can intimidate the younger ones. One should also think about what function they will perform to weight age, because there are different functions.


In addition to the traditional entrance with rings, there are others. Here are some options for you that want to get away from the traditional and innovate:

Plaques: Already widely used by grooms, they choose children to carry plaques with short phrases of love or that can be a simple announcement of “here comes the bride”. There is no way not to be moved by the children carrying beautiful messages to prepare the heart, before I play the wedding song for the bride’s entrance.

Petals: The chosen ones, or just one of them, go with a basket full of petals throwing in the path before the bride comes in, making the atmosphere even more romantic. You can choose the petals according to the style of the party. If you have chosen rustic wedding decor, for example, you can opt for foliage or beautiful country flower petals. For the more traditional, red or white rose petals are perfect.

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Bouquets: There are those who choose the mini bouquets of flowers, teddy bears or candies for the accessories of the flowers. As they walk to the altar they bring these complements that will give even more charm to the moment.

What should Junior Bridesmaid and do?


It is important to rehearse a few times with the lady and page exactly how will be the entrance and the function of each. If you are thorough and expect everything to be perfect, do not skip this step. Just do not forget that they are children and sometimes everything can go off plan. But these spontaneous improvisations of them make the entrance more fun! So without much worries in the day about it and let the little ones behave naturally. Take the day to decide on the decoration of the wedding church if the ceremony is religious, and arrange a rehearsal with them.


What should Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen do? There are those who prefer to choose someone special to carry the rings, or any other object that will be used at the ceremony, and they are not always children. The protocol, as mentioned earlier, does not lay down many rules. You can choose your special person for this moment regardless of age. If you already have an adult who takes the rings, but do not want to leave the cuteness of children aside, opt for both and put the girls and pages taking any of the options mentioned!

Ready to come together when the wedding song plays? Before making your triumphal entry, with perfect wedding hairstyle and dress that will draw sighs from the guests, they will be responsible for the show, so organize the entrance of your pages and ladies, so that everything goes perfect as always dreamed.

What should Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen do?

What should Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen do?

What should Junior Bridesmaid and Groomsmen do?

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